Today while perusing Caitlin’s blog [here!], I discovered the Own Your Beauty movement [here] and decided it sounded like a good idea. It’s a year-long project, with homework assignments and stuff each month.

This month’s homework assignment is listed [here], and I thought I’d share my list on my blog. So here goes!

I get joy from:

  • snapping random photos
  • taking random videos (like last night at church! “One hen, two ducks…” Oh, Youth Group…)
  • singing along (very badly) to the radio
  • watching Criminal Minds and other crime dramas (twisted, but I love it!); Glee; TLC; etc.
  • reading blogs!
  • baking (when I get the urge)
  • laughing with friends
  • laughing at my History prof (um…what? No, never!)
  • knowing that one of my BFFs has found a sweetheart of a boy at school to hang out with!!
  • talking to friends who are in other parts of the state/country via Facebook
  • getting to see those friends when they come home for weekends!
  • listening to music
  • finding random new songs that I enjoy on YouTube, etc.
  • checking my email (as lame as it sounds; usually have some good ones!)
  • the fact that this is the last math class I will ever have to take (I hope!)
  • dropping Love Bombs! [linkage]
  • reading funny (or awesome) status updates on Facebook
  • Facebook in general
  • taking notes during church activities
  • talking to the youth pastor and other church friends
  • hearing J speak German with friends and family
  • having J in the family period!
  • my dad’s (poor) singing and random facts
  • the worship pastor and family
  • writing
  • blogging
  • eating popcorn
  • eating chocolate!
  • Disney movies!
  • sleeping in!
  • getting to see my cousins!
  • seeing the JH and Freshman girls grow and connect to each other in their respective small groups
  • helping sponsor a boy in Ecuador through Compassion [website!]
  • playing with the dog at small group
  • getting random text messages (as few and far between as they are…)
  • showering (especially if I’m super-sweaty…)
  • hugs! (especially from certain people)
  • reading
  • finshing homework (relief!!!)
  • SMOOTHIES (especially the ones from this little locally-owned place in town. Best. EVER.)
  • comedians like [Tim Hawkins], [Bob Stromberg], [Ken Davis], and several others (Tim’s parodies are amazing!!)
  • NARNIA (the books and the movies) — and CS Lewis in general
  • church trips (usually, lol!)
  • FRENCH (the language as well as the culture and food)
  • Chinese (food and language)

Wow. That’s a big list.

As you can see, there are many things (45 listed here so far) that bring me joy. I’ll have to refer back to this list when I’m feeling crappy, huh? =)

What about you? Are there 45 (or more) things that bring you joy?