Good: I passed last week’s Math test! I got a 60 out of 62, which is about 97%! =)

Bad: My group didn’t show up for class today. There are three of us, and even though both said they’d be here today on Wednesday, they didn’t show. Which is bad, because we were supposed to be combining all of our answers and working on the part of our project that is due Wednesday. Which, I might add, we’re not supposed to do outside of class. No email, no text message, no phone call… nothing. Although one of them emailed the prof. But still. Ugh.

Good: Nanette from Glitter Every Day [link!] wrote a [thank-you] to the Love Bomb team! =D We Bombed her yesterday [link!] — nearly 400 of us! And today she wrote a thank-you post. I love being part of this team. There have been maybe three that I haven’t taken time to do, but the ones I do participate in make me really happy. 🙂

As you can see, so far my Good things outweigh my Bad (even though my Bad is longer than my Good). I’m hoping to keep that trend going as the day progresses…

Funny thought thus far today: Today before Math, I was standing in teh hallway and overheard two other girls (whom I’ve known since Jr. High!) talking about birth control. …Yeah. People in college are not afraid to talk about their personal stuff in hallways…

What are your positives and negatives so far today?