So, a fine (if a little cold) day just went down the hole.

It was my own fault.

We were talking about getting J to Life Groups and I made an idiot of myself.

Basically, I made it sound like I don’t want to drive J. At least, that’s what Mom thinks.

What really ticks me off is that my sister goes and picks up three girls who are in MY group. Like, really? I know our locations are practically right next to each other, but REALLY?

I have to stop at church to get two of my girls.

My sister is already at church.

I could just drop J when I get my girls, and she could take her and I could go get the other three, since they’re only like three blocks from church.

Granted, I’d have to take the van because my car only holds six and there’d be seven of us.

But still.

I guess it’s my control issue…?


Up until about ten minutes ago, my day was going fine.

I went to church, had breakfast, went to Sunday school (where I told my sister and co. to shut up during a video and had to give a couple of JHers a look), went to the service, got to hug a BFF whom I’ve not seen in a couple of weeks, came home, ate lunch, and watched How to Train Your Dragon. Which, by the way, is my new favorite animated movie. I love Toothless.

I mean, how can you resist this:


He’s so stinkin’ cute!

Yes, please!

Want. Like, seriously. Merry Christmas to me!

Maybe? Haha. If I got a Toothless plush for Christmas I’d probably be set.

Get me the real thing and I’ll love you forever. 😉

Lol. But honestly, the guy’s adorable.

And so are these two:

I really like Astric and Hiccup. They’re cute. 🙂


Day that started off fine has now been made yuckish by my own hand. Or, mouth.

And now I’m off to cheer myself up with HtTYD fanart and stuff. 😛