Sometimes spelled doughnuts.

I had to stop and return Dragon after class today (maybe I should’ve just bought it?) and decided to grab a donut. Yum. 😀 I really really like donuts. My favorites are the cream-filled long john ones. Guess which one I grabbed? 😛

Stats was… stats. Today, everybody whose group was there Friday got to leave early. Guess it’s only fair, since those of us whose groups weren’t there left early.

Does that make sense?


Anyway, CP lectured for like a half hour, and then the groups who needed to (like mine) stayed until the end of the period to work on our stuff.

OH! And I figured out why my other partner was gone. She was sick. Starting Thursday. =( Fever, flu, headache. All that icky stuff. So it was good that she didn’t come to class. Heh.

Still have to finish some stuff by Wednesday, but at least we have the right info so that we can work on said stuff.

Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to get myself to do now.

While eating a donut and watching CSI: NY


The joys of math… =\