I almost threw my pencil at a classmate today.

Almost raised my voice.

Almost snatched a phone out of a classmate’s hand.

It’s been mentioned freaking twice in class (at least), and yet students still have their phones out.


We’re in freaking COLLEGE. We should know better.

If I was the prof, I’d be tempted to knock the kids’ grades down a couple points.

I mentioned this via my Facebook status today, and my cousin, a teacher, commented.

I should show that to my classmates: a teacher’s response. This is what a teacher thinks of cell phones in class. Would that work?

Probably not.

They’d probably still do it.

Just like the church kids jabber during movies.

No matter how many times I tell them, or how loudly I tell them, they go back to talking.

And I want to smack them upside their pretty little heads.

Show some freaking respect for the people around you, please.

(End rant. Because I have to get ready for work. And a meeting. And then do homework.)