Isn’t it weird how irony works?

Last night I went to bed FREAKING OUT that I would be bombarded with crap today.

I had nothing to worry about.

Today went just fine.

I checked the schedule for Sunday’s services (I’m running screen) and FLIPPED OUT. Like, lucky I was the only person in the house flipping out. Back in… last year sometime, I sent potential song lyrics to WP, who fitted them to music (with a few tweakages). We sang it once last year in Youth Group (I’m listening to it right now; yay for cameras that take video!) and we’re SINGING IT ON SUNDAY.

Well, hopefully.

They may strike it.

I’ll find out tomorrow night at practice (because I need to practice before Sunday morning), I suppose, if they’re feelin’ it or not.

But I’m excited!

And my BFF K (the one with the keeper of a boyfriend) is coming home this weekend! So we’re gonna hang out.

Anyway. Back to my Wednesday.

I went to school like an hour (or was it two?) before Stats class to finish homework (don’t have the program at home; I don’t think anybody does) and then a half hour before class, I had a meeting with my advisor about next semester. It went just fine. I only have to take eight more credits to graduate/transfer, but to be considered full-time, I have to take 12. With the classes I’m probably going to take, I’ll have 13–or 15 if I take both the classes I’m thinking about. So I’m set.

So that was good news.

And then I came home, ate and watched TV.

And then I went to work study for an hour.

And now I’m home. 🙂

It’s been a good Wednesday.

Tonight I’m going to chill. Maybe do my Stats homework before I forget how. 😛 And maybe type my Comm paper–a review of On the Waterfront. Eh. I should maybe rent it this weekend so that I can remind myself of what happens. Hah.

But all in all, it’s been a good ending to the week.

Because right now starts my fall break! =D