Like, no joke.

Okay, number one, this is blog post #110.

Yeah, random, but … whatever. 🙂

But mainly, I’m excited because of what happened tonight between 7 and 9.

In those two hours, I:

  • learned a new song (Lincoln Brewster’s “Reaching For You” which I don’t believe is out anywhere but iTunes at this point…)
  • laughed a little
  • smiled a lot
  • sang a lot
  • sat and updated my Facebook status while the band had a separate meeting before aforementioned new song

That first one, about RFY, was awesome. I’ve never heard this before (I think WP just found out about it last weekend or a couple of months ago–recently), and I was able to interpret how to sing it.

IDK what that’s called, how one sings a song, but I’ve done that with two songs now, been able to sing them pretty correctly without having heard them before.

I can’t sing well, but I sing.

And man did I sing tonght!

Oh, did I sing.

I sang along to RFY, MY SONG (that’s not the title. LOL.), and two or three others.

I’m PSYCHED for Sunday morning.

A little nervous about the reaction we’ll get for the song. (The youth seemed to like it. Who knows about the congregation?)

Tonight, WP said “thanks for the lyrics” — I sent him a “poem” of sorts that I thought could be turned into a song (had a tune in my head whenever I read it), and he worked it, and tweaked the lyrics, and out came what we’re singing on Sunday.

And one of our guitar players called playing bass when WP has the big band play (AND RECORD!!) it eventually. (The youth band is playing it Sunday!)

I’m kinda glad I’ll be hiding in my media booth, but… there are like three guys up there who will be lookin’ at me funny, I’m sure. =\

Oh well.

I’m a tiny bit freaked out by the thought of walking downstairs after service to a sea of “HOLYCRAP” and whatnot, but I’ll live. Hah.

I keep trying to convince myself that it’s not as awesome as it seems, that I wrote a song.

After all, of the lyrics I sent to WP, only about 15 words are used in the song as it is now.

Like, he used the main idea, but there are really only two lines that stayed the same—and even they got tweaked, actually: WP changed one word. To something that works a lot better than the word I had. So.

But, like, I try to justify it with “You know, [WP] wrote the chords and tweaked the lyrics… so it’s not really my song anymore…”

And yet it is.

I was the one who wrote out the original words (half of which are not in the song, which is fine) but I’m not musically talented. WP was the one who made it all fit together.

But then, you’ve got God in there, too.

It was PD who inspired me, and he could have been quoting something he’d heard, by someone who was quoting something they’d heard, and so on to the beginning of time.

You know?

So really, if PD hadn’t said what he’d said, and if I hadn’t heard it, and if God hadn’t poked me with a stick (metaphoricallyspeaking…) until I wrote more, the song wouldn’t exist.

Seriously, like a year after PD’s message, I went back through my notes (I have a binder full of pages filled with the order of the service and stff that hits me) and saw this line, and was like, *scribble*. Off and on for like a week, I sat and wrote and erased and tweaked and… out came the idea I sent to WP (after my mother noticed it and said “SEND TO WP!!!!”).

So I guess technically it’s God’s song.

If you look at it the way I’m looking at it.

But WP told me tonight that he got excited just seeing my name on the screen (on the title slide), because like, “This was written HERE.” He’s written songs while he’s been here (some of my favorites!), but I’ve been going to this church my entire freaking life and … yeah.

It’s an original, and I had a hand in it.

That alone makes me happy.

Nothing else that I’ve listed above (as worries) really matters.

What matters is that it was God-inspired.

Wouldn’t you agree?