Can you be every day?

Or rather, Sundays when best friends are home and we hang out with YP at Subway and Wal-Mart (our Super Wal-Mart houses a Subway).

I got up a little after 7 yesterday, because I had to be at church a little before 8 to make sure my screen stuff was set up right. Good thing I went early, because I accidentally deleted something and had to exit and reopen the program (WITHOUT SAVING) to get it back. Ehheh.

Yesterday’s services both went just fine. A couple of little goofs on my part, but nothing major. Which was good.


I recorded it on my camera, but I listened to it after and it wasn’t the greatest sound quality because I recorded from behind a window. Heh. Oops.

My mom came up to me afterward and told me that “was a nice surprise.” Because I told no one, even though I knew it was coming.

After the service I went to Subway and Wal-Mart with YP and K.

Then K and I went to my house and watched How to Train Your Dragon and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. K brought Dragon with her, and Charlie was on TV.


Oh, and read random Hyperbole and a Half stories.

And watched [this] and [this].

It was fun.

And then I supplied poster board and markers for small group. This week was our last week of [OMTL]. PD talked about pie in the sermon yesterday morning.

So we drew a pie chart and divided it into eight (approximately equal) parts: school, money, family, friends, free time, future plans, church, and sports. We takled about how we can include God in every slice of our pie life. We wrote down ideas in each slice of the pie. It was fun. 🙂

And K came with to small group! So the girls got to ask her some questions. That was kinda cool. 🙂

Before small group, I swung by church to get two of our girls and discovered that YP had been hit in the face with a frisbee. I noticed his chin was bloody and was like, “What did you do to your face?!”

“I got hit with a frisbee.”

“Oh. See, this is why you should carry a first-aid kit!”

And then he told me to “have fun with your waffles” (We made waffles at group. It was fun.) and I said “Have fun with your stupid football game.” Because the boys were doing their group for just an hour and watching [last night’s football game] after. Lame.

Although after the girls had left, we did turn on the game to see the score at that point. And then we talked over the game. 😛

So yesterday was really good. And I kind of wish all Sundays were like this, but unfortunately they aren’t really…

Oh well. I’ll take ’em when I can get ’em.