Tonight, I found out that we (humans) have several things in common with these guys:


The JH kids carved pumpkins tonight, and then YP talked about how similar we are to pumpkins—in five ways.

  1. Pumpkins and humans are both filled with guts. We’ve all got junk on our insides.
  2. We can be emptied, but we cannot do it alone. It takes someone else to do the work to clean us out.
  3. What’s inside gets in the way of God filling us. We have to let Him empty and carve us in order to be filled with His light. [Ephesians 2:8-9] If you were to just cut the top off of a pumpkin and scoop out all the guts and shove a candle in the middle, you wouldn’t see it, would you? Someone’s gotta do a little work!
  4. People and situations control our appearances and expressions. YP used the example of relationships: when someone says something that makes you sad, angry, or happy, your expression changes, right? The world is somewhat in control of our outsides, just like we were in control of what our pumpkins looked like.
  5. Pumpkins and people are temporary. A pumpkin only lasts for so long. Within a week of Halloween, they’ve caved in and started to smell, right? Yeah, we don’t have as much time on Earth as we’d like, either.

(1) Mmmmm, pumpkin guts.

(2) Yeah, that's my arm. Cleaning out a pumpkin. 'Cause I'm awesome.

(3) Pretend this guy has a candle inside him...

(4) You're in control of what your J-O-L looks like.

(5) Gee, he's attractive... Mushy and concave. Exactly what I want in a pumpkin.

Okay, actually SIX things. The other is that we both produce seeds.

(6) Seeds. I hear they make good snackage. After a process.

Or do we?

Are we, as Christians, sowing seeds in other people’s lives?

Or are we just sitting on the stoop looking awesome?

Two words: EH. PICK.

(Okay, so I haven’t seen any of the Batman movies. But that’s pretty freaking impressive.)

This is Patches. He's a Tiger Pirate.

Ohyeah. Tiger Pirates FTW.

Hahahaha. That was my “cabin”‘s name at Fall Retreat my Senior year. Each room carved a pumpkin, and ours was like, the BEST.


Now you know.

We = pumpkins.

Cool, huh?