I was so confused and upset last night.

After I posted about pumpkins, I got a message that my blog had been deactivated for violating copyright or something.


I did the report thing, and then I emailed them, asking for an explanation.

They emailed back this morning and said there’d been a mistake.

Oh, what a relief that was!

I was afraid I’d done something wrong and would never get my blog back!! =O

So I’m very relieved that it was just some sort of internal mistake.

Thanks, WordPress, for fixing the problem and getting back to me so quickly!! =)

Know what else would be really cool?

I would really love for my classes to be cancelled today so I could have an ENTIRE day off.

That would be AMAZING.

But I don’t think that’s happening.


There was SNOW on our lawn yesterday morning.

And on MY CAR.


No snow yet today, but it’s still gloomy and icky out.


And it’s probably only going to get worse as we get out of fall and into winter.


But at least it’s not snowing YET.

Not here, anyway.

I heard a there was snow on someone’s drive up here, though.


Glad we haven’t gotten that yet.

But it’s coming.


I’ll live with it, I guess.