I worked tonight.

I’m now home watching TV (Criminal Minds!! =D) and eating madarin oranges and bread. 🙂 (Finished my green beans with lunch…)

Wanna know something really, really bizarre?

Well, okay, not super bizarre… How about just annoying?

When I unplug my laptop from the power strip it’s usually plugged into (when I’m in the basement; regular outlets when I’m upstairs or in the other room in the basement), I’d say around 50% of the time, I get shocked.

Like tonight.

I must touch the prongs or something?

It’s not a painful sensation, just kind of a buzz, and it usually only affects one or two fingers.

But it’s happened several times and I’m not sure if there are long-term side effects or not. Heh.

But back to my weekend:

I’m working all day tomorrow, then going to babysit for a couple of hours.

And Sunday I’ll have church, but the evening off!

Just Sunday school and service.

And part of the first and second rows will be empty because part of the youth group (a very small part—only half a dozen or so) are at our Bible camp for a retreat.

But anyway, we aren’t doing our small group stuff Sunday night, so I can relax! =)

Kinda glad to have a night off. I like the girls and all, but a night off once in a while is needed! They’re crazy! LOL. 🙂

So busy Saturday, not-so-busy Sunday, I guess. =)

Et toi? Plans for the weekend?