I SO needed that down-time.

Even though I spent it blogging and watching my mother make crêpes for supper.

Oh, and assisting in making supper by cutting up a banana and putting spoons in dishes.

That was about the extent of my down-time, but I needed it.

I had fun tonight.

We watched Duke and the Great Pie War!

Veggie Tales = love!

I realized about half way through that it’s a play on the story of [Ruth].

It’s really good, though. 🙂

I played Wii for the first time.

At least, I’m pretty sure it was my first time.

I played a soccer game and a racing game.

The racing was a little easier… Haha!

Yes, you read that right: MY FIRST TIME.

I rarely ever played video games as a kid. A snowboarding game and a Rugrats game and some weird caterpillar one. At daycare.

Totally Angelica!

That may not be the exact game it was, but it was about Angelica. I remember that it was in a mall, and there were lots of different levels and games and stuff. It was rather fun. 🙂

We didn’t have video games at my house growing up.


Not happening.

I usually just watch people play, not participate.

It took me a long time to play Guitar Hero—in front of my best friends at a Christmas sleep-over. Haha. I don’t really play games. I like to just watch.

So playing Wii tonight with three kids under 12 was interesting.

They had to explain things to me, and even then I wasn’t very good. The seven-year-old beat me at soccer, and I got a C on racing solo! I consider that acceptable. 🙂

But then, bedtime rolled around.

Oh, that was hard.

They go to bed at three different times, a little later the older they get.

The seven-year-old was to go to bed first, and he did NOT want to.

I literally DRAGGED him.

Like, three times.


The older two were rather helpful, actually, and they went to bed without question. That was a relief!

So I was kind of glad when 7YO finally got into bed. After threats and sighs of annoyance and dragging.


I got my exercise for the night!!


And a good chat with the parents after they got home. 🙂

So, interesting day.

(And those of you who are parents of little ones? Sorry! That’s a possible preview of when your kids get older… =\)

Rather productive night, actually.

Now I’m watching TV.

While pretty much falling asleep. Lol!

Got church tomorrow.