I ended up NOT having to drive 20 miles to do deliveries this afternoon, and boy, did I need the break!

I’m SO glad there weren’t any after-work deliveries, because I am TI-ER’D (tired. But spelled the way it’s pronounced.)!

Looooong day at work, starting at just before 9.

I had a delivery in the morning, a complete surprise, but apparently they needed it RIGHT NOW, so I gladly dropped it off! Anything to get out of the store for a bit.

This afternoon’s deliveries weren’t impressive. I had to avoid a train, which changed my route a bit, but it ended up being just fine. I think I went the long way to one spot, but oh well. And I didn’t have as many deliveries as I usually do, which is weird,. But oh well. It got me back in time to chat a little before closing! =)

Now I’m thinking I might try to take a nap before my two-hour babysitting adventure this evening! Watching some very bright kids (one skipped a grade!) while their parents go out for a while. Should be interesting. 🙂

Y tu? Enjoy little surprises like that? I know I do!!