Well, that was a great Halloween.

I got up at 8, showered, got dressed, and went to church.

At church, I ate pancakes, sausage, and a donut.

Then I helped with Sunday school.

We had technical difficulties.

We couldn’t get the sound to work during our DVD.

Then we figured it out.

After the video, M talked  a little, and I snatched up a high schooler’s cell phone after it fell out of a pocket.

After it vibrated like three separate times.

Then I went up to the service, where I sat next to the current director of our Bible camp!! =)

It was just me, Director B, and one JH kid in the front row, because part of the group was at camp.

It was a good service today.

Director B spoke, told us that our Thanksgiving offering (from last year) went towards buying new beds for camp!

And when my sister got home from camp, I asked her if the bunk beds were metal or wooden. “Wooden.”

Awesome. We bought those beds!


Director B gave a good message.

We sang really good songs.

He commented on our “worship.” (*)

And then it was over, really.

Then I came home and ate lunch (leftover crêpes!).

And went shopping with my daddy! =)

And did some of my Stats homework.

I can’t figure out two of the problems, so I’m going to leave them for tomorrow in class.

We’ve only had ONE trick-or-treater tonight. A little boy from up the street who was dressed as (I think) a firefighter.

I’ve been eating the candy. Haha.

Oh, just a Three Musketeers bar and a couple of Milky Ways. Not like I’m eating the whole bag. (Though admittedly, I could eventually.)

I’m alternating between Facebook (why do they make you pay to use the awesome features in their games?), [Dear Blank Please Blank], and a few other sites.

Because I’m bored and don’t feel like doing much else for the rest of the evening.

Happy Halloween? 🙂

(*) Director B was talking about our music. But “worship” is not just music. “Worship” existed before music, I think. Randy Alcorn wrote about it. Anything can be worship, if done with the right attitude.