I think that’s my longest title for a post. Ever.

So, in between deliveries tonight, I helped put out Christmas candy.

This is ridiculous.

We’ve been putting out Christmas giftware for a few weeks now. Like, at least two weeks before Halloween.

I’ve been marking Christmas giftware since last year. Or rather, re-marking last year’s stuff.


Christmas candy.

We’re skipping Thanksgiving.

Not cool.

Oh, and by the way, in case you didn’t know, “Christmas comes but once a year” comes from [this cartoon]. Which I’ve always enjoyed. 🙂

I’m now kind of in the Christmas spirit.

Which is slightly annoying, but oh well.


I got bad news this morning.

A boy I went to school with died the other night.

I had to do a Google search to find out that it was a car accident.

And I flipped.

I am SO SICK of car accidents taking young lives.

Seriously, Satan?

Is that how you’re playing now?

You’re stealing teenagers in car accidents?

Car accidents?

That’s the BEST you’ve got?

My coworker and friend (we met at church; he’s my sister’s age) asked me why I was sad.

It took me a minute to realize he meant my Facebook status, about being tired of car accidents.

I explained what happened and that I was tired of it, and he goes, “Wise words from someone I know: ‘You’ll have that.'”

Yep, I’ve heard him say that several times, in regards to several different things.

I don’t always like life, but I have to accept that sometimes it sucks.

Don’t want to, but…

Each day is a gift somehow, someway.

~Superchick’s [“We Live”]