Our former youth pastor, who was with us from the time I entered kindergarten to the end of my Junior year of high school, left because he wanted to continue his education.

He’s attending Seminary at [NPU].

His wife posted [this link] on Facebook this morning.

DO spoke at one of NPU’s chapel services (last week) and there’s a podcast. I’m listening to it right now, and it’s great.

DaveO has always been amazing to me.

I’ve always loved talking to him, and listening to him.

I miss him and the family.

I’m so glad A (D’s wife) shared the link, so I can listen to DO’s voice and picture his face as he speaks to the NPU students.

And the message is really good, too.

I may have to listen to it once or twice more.

Dave has always been instrumental in my life.

He’s taught me a lot of important things, the most important one being that you need to follow God’s call.

It’s awesome to me to think that today, a day after one of my Camp friends posted a Facebook note about following God’s Calling in her life, that I’m telling you about how my former youth pastor followed God’s Call in his life, too.

And this morning, another friend posted about how she’s going to be silent and pray for a week, starting tomorrow night. She did this last year, and she’s doing it again this year, because she feels it is what God wants her to do.

Our current YP followed God here after a short break from ministry. He’d been the youth pastor for several years at another church and then found us. And he didn’t hesitate.

I’m surrounded by amazing, willing people.

I can only pray that I become like them, that I grow so close to God that I hear His Call for me (yes, please! Future uncertain much?) and follow without hesitation.

That’s not happening yet, but with time and enough work and listening… It’ll come.