So, in October I mentioned the Own Your Beauty movement on BlogHer, and posted about what brings me joy.

[November’s assignment] (which I just found out about this morning) is self-portraits!

Now, I’m a couple days late in beginning this assignment, but hey, what’s new? I usually procrastinate. Not that I’m suggesting you procrastinate on everything, but… it happens!

Anyway, I’m gonna try this.

It may not always be my face that you get to see, because the assignment does say it can be your feet or your hands or whatever…

Here’s how I’m gonna do this:

there are 26 days left in November.

Well, 27 counting today.

I’m going to see if I can find 27 things to photograph about myself. Might be my hand, might be my foot, or it could just be my eye, but I’m going to do this!

Starting now!

The photo I sent to Faces of Beauty!

Okay, so it’s not from this morning. I took this one afternoon in the beginning of September to send to Miss Heather for my [Faces of Beauty] [post.]

I could go on and on about what I perceive to be wrong with this photo (my hair’s funky and might not have gotten washed that morning; I’m super pale; etc), but I won’t.

Because that’s not the point of November’s OYB assignment. The point is to find what makes you beautiful, what makes you special, unique, you! To find what makes you proud of yourself.

Annnnnd… GO!

It’s your turn! What makes you you?