Flawless Friday!

And [Self-Portrait Day Two].

And this morning was Dane’s funeral.

I decided last night that I was going to combine funeral day and Flawless Friday.

These are my feet.

Yup, those are my feet.

I painted my toenails this afternoon, because I was bored.

Except they don’t look very pretty to me.

And I used red and orange on a couple of toes, and had to get rid of that polish ’cause it was just NOT working. If you look closely enough, you can see remnants of red and orange on three of my toes.


One more thing about my feet?

They don’t [go] where they should.

Take Dane, for instance.

I met him several years ago, probably in elementary school. I knew who he was, but never took the time to get to know him. I labeled him as one of those kids I didn’t want to associate with. I don’t remember why, but I did.

Now I wish I hadn’t. What I heard today from his brothers and some of the people who knew him best (not the pastor—he made almost no sense. Eesh.) was basically that Dane loved to be funny and make people laugh.

I didn’t know that, because I didn’t bother to get past the stereotype of him that I had in my head.

But I’m determined to change that.

During September, [Tina] started [30 Days of Self-Love]. I did a couple of the “challenges,” thought not all.

One of the things Tina did that I don’t think I ever participated in was Gifts of the Body, one day each week where Tina focused on three or four body parts. She thanked each body part for what it did for her. I thought it was cool, but I never really got into it.

I figure I’ll combine thanking my body with my self-portrait assignment!

So, here goes:

Thank you, feet, for carrying me—for helping me get from one place to the next! Not everybody has feet, and those who do have them don’t always use them. So thanks for giving me the ability to move—even if I don’t always like the way you look.

What about you? Is there anything you’ve realized you need to change? What about part of you that you need to thank?