Um, I forgot to take a [self-portrait photo] today.

I’m too tired to now.

So I’ll just copy/paste this one.

Happy smile!

This one was taken by my lovely friend Britttttt.

Back in, oh, I don’t know, last year?

When my hair was longer.

I like this one ’cause it’s kinda candid.

Like, she caught me at a happy moment.

I like candid shots.

This one is kind of cool, too:


This one was taken… two years ago? In December. On a church trip.

We were [packing food for kids].

I was taking photos for a while, and then the guy who was in charge for the morning took a bunch.

I remember him saying something about how this would be a good shot right before he took it. 🙂

I really like candid shots.

They’re super cool.

Because they’re natural.

I like being caught at happy times the best, I think, because I’m smiling and stuff.


It’s Daylight Savings time.

Don’t forget to set your clocks back. 🙂

I have to be up early tomorrow!

I hung out with family tonight!

Deer opener, y’know… The boys go out hunting (and a couple of the girls), and the childrens and non-hunters hang out and then we all eat food and laugh at the little kids and stuff.

It was fun. 🙂

I got to hold a baby! She’s only a few months old, and I she cried the whole time ’cause she was sleepy, but that’s okay. 🙂

ANYWAY. I think it’s about time for me to head to bed.