This morning was… interesting.

Screen duties today were kinda stressful.

First service was confusing.

They cut a few things without telling me, so that was fun.

Then second service they moved things around (but told me they were going to!) and one of the things we skipped first service was part of second, and the sound didn’t work out in the sanctuary.

Yeah, that was great.

So this morning was a little stressful.

OH. AND I can’t figure out how to change the time on my phone. Because it didn’t automatically set itself back an hour for DST. Which is really annoying.

On a brighter note!

Today is [self-portrait photo] day four!


This is me focusing on my laptop.

After a nap.

I pulled my hair back at lunchtime and didn’t bother to put it down before or after watching TV.

It’s a slight mess. But that’s okay! =)

And I know it’s kind of keeping with my stress-filled morning: kind of an intense, “BLAHRG” kind of picture. But I am pretty content when I’m blogging, most of the time.

It’s kind of funny that I’m watching [ANTM] and trying to take a picture of myself. Kind of awkward, because I don’t like posing for photos. I don’t exactly like photographing myself, either.

So. Self-portrait project is interesting.


And I have small group tonight. I’m kind of excited. =)

So we’ll see. Maybe this evening will turn my Sunday around. =)