My stressful Sunday translated into a stressful Monday.


First I end up with a boatload of Stats homework (missing a day will do that to you).

Then I had a tough night at work.

Lots of deliveries, and I got a little lost.


I left 20 minutes early because … the people I work with said I could. And because I had 40 minutes of deliveries to do.

And now I have to type a paper on Islam for History.

It’s due tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s also our test, which is why the paper’s due.

It’s part of the test.

So I’m a little stressed.

This is me trying to be not-stressed:

Attempting to not be stressed.

[Self-portrait day five!]

That may look natural, but it’s really a forced smile. =\

I suppose I should work on my due-tomorrow paper…