[Self-portrait day seven!]

This is me.

Actually, it’s my feet.

Comfy-cozy on the couch:

Love these socks!

My backpack is on the footrest, because this is what I get to do today:

Yayyy, math homework...


And this is me attempting to do said math homework:


Too. Much. Math.

The test got bumped.


It was supposed to be today.

Then I get to class Monday and “It’s Friday.”

Then today, she decides we need another day of review, AND more homework.

When I haven’t even finished all the homework I had to do to for today.


So I’m a little stressed.

I’m probably going to end up doing math homework all day tomorrow.

Thank you, veterans, for giving me a day off from school!

Yeah, the college takes Veteran’s Day off.

The high school doesn’t.

This amuses me. 🙂

I’m also super-happy Vets day is a Thursday, because Thursdays are my “sit in the same chair for three hours” day.

So a break from Hist and Comm will be kinda nice.

I’m excited for tonight.

I’m also super-excited for Friday night!


And seeing one of my best friends!

And meeting her sweetheart of a boyfriend!

And Saturday night I’ll be attending the musical with another friend!

I realized today that Friday is M’s Second Eternal Birthday, and I’ll be at a musical. If Momma decides to have a party (which I don’t think she will because that’d be super short-notice and she might be at the musical too), I’ll miss it. Or it’ll have to be after 9.

I dunno.

We did a party last year–bought a cake and everything.

But this year… maybe we won’t.

I’m debating a musical issue, too.

The girl I mention once in a while who struggles with some stuff? She’s in the musical, and I want to get her something. A lot of people bring flowers or whatever on closing night, but I’m going to the second and fourth performances. I’m thinking about bringing her something Friday night, beacuse of M’s Eternal Birthday + “mission” of encouraging and loving people. PLUS Friday is [TWLOHA] [day]!

TWLOHA is a non-profit that aims to help people who struggle with cutting, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.

I had to laugh last year when I realized God’s timing with it: the anniversary of M’s death.

And M was all about helping, encouraging, etc. She wrote a speech on cutting during our Junior year of high school. It was AMAZING. Our small group leader’s dog almost knocked her over because M’s voice was so expressive—Dog thought M was actually in pain, or something.

You can find TWLOHA on [Twitter] and [Facebook], as well as at their website and probably other places. They’re a great resource, and I know I’m gonna be writing “love” on my hand/arm/wrist on Friday. Last year I had a few people ask about “TWLOHA” (which I’d written on one hand), and I got to explain the mission. It felt good. 🙂

So, in keeping with TWLOHA + M’s mission, I’m hoping to grab something for my friend who’s struggled. I want her to know that I care, and giving her something after she’s worked so hard seems like a good gesture, right?

Problem is, I’m not sure what to give her.

She’s not necessarily a flower kinda girl, and I don’t want to hold a flower throughout the musical, y’know?

So what?

A card?


Something to do with drawing? (She loves to draw.)

I don’t know. I’ve got two days! I’ll figure it out.