That’s what this random lady told me this morning.

We’re getting new carpet for part of our house, and the lady came by to measure the room.

I wandered upstairs as she was about to leave, and she goes, “I LOVE your red hair.”

She’s a redhead, too, and she told me to never color it. (Until I absolutely have to.)

So for [Self-Portrait Day Eight], I figure I’ll use a picture of my hair!


I took this with my camera’s “vivid” color option, and the flash was on.

I think my hair is a little brighter in this picture than it sometimes is in real life, but…. it’s red!!

And I think it depends on the lighting, too, how bright my hair gets.

This lady who told me never to color my hair (which I wasn’t going to do anyway) mentioned that her dad had red hair, and then they shaved it off when he joined the Navy or the Marines or … some branch of Service. And went it grew back, it came in brown. =\

But this gal, all of her aunts have red hair, and as they’ve gotten older, their hair has gotten lighter.

So… whatever.

I think my dad’s side is where I get my red, though I’m the only obvious redhead.

Makes me unique, right? 🙂

On another happy note, my best friend L posted this on my Facebook wall today:


I LOVE that there’s already someone doing [OB] stuff at the school I’m transferring to next year.

I also love that L thought of me when she saw them—and told me so. 🙂

I’m also SUPER excited for tomorrow night!

My friend K (and boyf J) should be in town around two hours before the show starts. I told her they could hang here, or go out and grab food somewhere. She thought we could go to her favorite pizza place, and is working on convincing the boy, who only eats pizza “when the time is right”…? Well, tomorrow will be the right time. We’re pretty certain. 🙂

So sounds like pizza and a show tomorrow night! I’m quite excited. 😀