Love. [Picnik].

Remember my [post about Coram Deo], and how I wanted to share Picnik’d photos that included the lyrics from the night’s song?

Here’s what I’ve been doing lately:

"Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)"

The link to the original photo is [here].

"Reaching For You" ; Lincoln Brewster

Link for original photo [here].

"From the Inside Out"

Original [here].

"Our God (Is Greater)" ; Chris Tomlin

[Link] to original photo.

"With Abandon" ; Eric Stark

[Original photo].

[Eric Stark] is the worship pastor at the church one of our church members used to attend when they lived in Missou. He [writes songs] about Jesus. This makes him awesome. I want to meet him someday. 

"With Abandon" ; Eric Stark


"More Than Amazing" ; Lincoln Brewster

This photo is mine, tweaked on Picnik.

"Mighty to Save"


"How Great Thou Art"


What gets me every time with this song is the line “my burden gladly bearing.”

GLADLY bearing.

Who does that?

Who GLADLY takes the punishment for someone else?



Crazy to think about, huh?

…So, yeah. Those were some of my thoughts/inspirations during Coram Deo last week. Actually, a week ago right now.  🙂