1. I’ve been forgetful.
  2. I’ve been lazy.
  3. I’ve been busy.

So. I’ve been forgetting to blog for the last, what? Three days? Oops! =(

I’ve also been forgetting about Self-Portrait days.

Um, J was supposed to have surgery this morning (starting, like, three hours ago) but it got delayed. Because someone forgot something. So they had to drive an hour to go get the thing, and an hour back. I’m not sure if they’ve started teh surgery by now or not. But that’s kind of frustrating.

J is our foreign exchange student.

She’s having surgery because about two months in to her stay, she [tore her ACL] during a game.

Actually, it happened on her birthday. =\

So. We talked to her parents and the insurance company and a whole bunch of people (well, my mom and J did) and after a lot of thinking and praying, it worked! Her parents are okay with her having the surgery here, and the insurance company is being incredibly gracious in helping pay for the surgery—they actually waived the fees and are taking care of it themselves. Which is totally awesome! (Pardon me, been watching A Very Potter Musical!)

Soyeah. Delayed surgery. Awesome.

But I think they’ve started it by now. Or will be starting soon.

And I get to go to History and Comm today, then home for a little bit before work and a meeting!

And I’m going on a “field trip” with the JH this weekend—er, for like two hours. Just around town. Not sure how many we’ll have… Could be up to two or three dozen! Yikes. We’ll have to wait and see, or ask for a show of hands tomorrow night or something. If we take the mini-bus, I might have to drive our van so I can take a few extras. If we take the big bus, we should have room. I should talk to YP tonight or tomorrow and see what he’s planning.

But I’m kind of excited for Saturday. Should be a good night. 🙂

Now I should probably find lunch before I head off to schoooooool…