Tonight at the church service, a bunch of the youth sat in the back.

Our small group was going to sit together anyway, and we decided to sit in the back so we were closer to the pie. Because we’re selfish like that. Haha. (Yes, we ran after PD dismissed us. We’re cool like that.)

Anyway, I sat in the back row with YP and two of the boys (completely opposite of Sunday mornings in the FRC. Backward order, too!). Two of my girls + J (whom my dad said he was thankful for!) sat in front of us, and my sis and another girl sat in front of them. In front of Sis + EA was a family with a new baby and a five-or-so-year-old boy.

This morning after service, one of the older women from the congregation was holding Baby T, and she kept reaching for my glasses. She’s such a smiley cutie.

But she’s not my admirer.

Her older brother is.

I think.

He kept looking back at me and smiling and ducking behind his daddy and the pew.

It was TOO. CUTE.

It started off (“Hey, cutie, where you from?”) as a couple of us (YP included) saying “Hi” to him and turned into (“oh no, what’ve I done?”) him continually looking back at us.


I think he looked at me several times more than the others.

I like to think that means he likes me, or at least thinks I’m interesting or something. 😛

And it totally made my night.

What’s funny is, two of my girls and I were talking before tonight’s service about adorable kids at church, and how they’re going to grow up to be AMAZING and super good-looking.

One of the little girls, the one who was [totally smitten with the band]? We’ve decided that her brothers are going to be protective of her when she’s old enough to date. She’s freaking BEAUTIFUL. Mr. MS is going to be beating the boys off of her with a stick. For real.

And one of my girls decided she wants to marry one of the Ss. LOL. Told her she’d be considered a cougar, or a cradle robber. Soooooo funny. And then she decided she wanted to be six, same age as the oldest S boy. 🙂 

But those kids… Oh. They’re SO incredibly good-looking! The boys are going to be heartbreakers, I tell ya. And #3, sweetiepie girl… oh, what a beautiful girl she’ll be when she grows up.

I’m so looking forward to watching ALL of our little ones grow into the people God wants them to be.

I’m looking forward to my girls growing into the lives God has planned for them! They’re so smart, entertaining, loving, and open. Their hearts are so big. I want for them all the good things that God wants. I want for them to grow and learn and love and… become the women God wants them to be.

Whoa. That was not quite the direction I had planned when starting this post. But it works! =)