Time spent with friends.

I went to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yesterday afternoon. With a friend/coworker. It was good.

I haven’t seen HP & the Half-Bloof Prince yet, and I’ve only read the first two books, so I was a little lost.

But that’s okay. It was still good.

I also went to a play last night. With the Youth Pastor.

We were supposed to have a JH thing, but only one kid was able to come, because of this play (two of our girls had parts) and some other things.

When YP texted me to let me know Friday night, I replied that someone hadn’t been thrilled with the date. And then he asked if I wanted to go to the play with him instead.

So I did.

It was good.

Considering it was put on by about a dozen people!

It started out as JHers in the play, but not many of them were going out for this year’s, so they switched it to be 7-12. And I think they still ended up with a couple of college kids… Because it’s a small school (three towns combined) and… yeah. Not much interest in plays, I guess.

But our girls (and the rest of the cast) did really well.

They flubbed a couple of times, had to improvise a bit, but it was cute.


Even when it’s stressful.

The quartet changed their music on me a smidge this morning—had to write myself a note to exclude one verse (which I didn’t even know existed!). But that was okay.

Second service, I had moving words again.

Pretty, but annoying. The words disappeared from the screen before we were finished singing!! I hate that. Plus they kept singing (just one verse) and I got so fed up with the moving words that I just paused the proper slide and left it up. Ugh.

Good sermon, too.

Tonight will be our Thanksgiving service. With PIE!! afterwards. Yum. =)


I’ve been laughing on and off all weekend, from Friday night working with V, to parts of HP7, to the play, to this morning talking with the tech dudes… Ah. Good weekend. =)

Also A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel.

Is it just me, or were any of you AVPM fans who saw DH1 confused and disappointed when you heard You-Know-Who’s voice? I was expecting the totally awesome epicness that is Joe Walker! LOL! Guess I’ve been listening to too much AVPM/AVPS. (*gasp* NOSUCHTHING. Haha.)


It sounds like I might get to spend some time with the girlfriends this week!! We haven’t been together ALL FOUR OF US since… [August]. Which is a long time. And aside from this break, the next time we’d be able to get together is probably sometime over Christmas Break. Which is way too long of a wait, in my opinion. So I’m hoping it works to get together this week.


I feel like eating ice cream.

Even though it’s cold enough that I was skating on my way into church this morning.

Verrrrrrry icey. Kind of annoying.

I’m just glad it wasn’t like this on my home from the play last night!

I’m also wearing gloves as I type. The kind that’s like a mitten/glove combination. Y’know?

I’ve made myself a nest of sorts in the basement: “bean bag” chair thing, two blankets (and three—now two—different shirts), couple of pillows… plus my laptop (obviously) and my phone. Comfy!


That’s kind of my weekend.

I think I might go get that ice cream now…