The weather here is supposed to be crap tomorrow.

I’m really hoping it doesn’t screw up my plans for a Girls’ Night with the three besties.

We’re supposed to get together tomorrow evening at a local coffee shop for catch-up time.

Hopefully the weather at least allows them to get there! (All three live out of town—actually, in other towns—while I live in.) If it turns nasty while they’re in town, my mom has said that they’re more than welcome to spend the night with us. And if the weather is still crappy on Thursday, well… at least we’ll have plenty of food! 😛

So. Here’s hoping! And praying.

I’m not so thrilled about working all day on Friday, but oh well. I’ll survive.

OH! And I ordered a Christmas gift today. I ran it by my mom, and she approved it, so I put it on my debit card and it should be here in the next week or so. I’m super excited. 🙂 I actually found it over at [HTP], so thanks, Caitlin, for the idea! =)

One Christmas present down, three to go. =\ Last year at this time I think I had everybody’s present bought, or at least had an idea what I was getting them. This year we’ve got an extra family member (not that I’m complaining!), and I don’t know what I’m getting the other three people in the house. And of course Sis’s list is long and full of stuff that’s kind of expensive. Her list is always longer than mine—at least two or three times as long. She wants a lot of stuff. =\ My list is mostly CDs and books, whereas I believe one of the things on my sister’s list is an iPod. (She bought herself one a few years ago, but now I think she wants a Touch. Good luck…)

What I would really love (which makes me sound incredibly childish) is a [Pillow Pet]. And a [Toothless plushie]. Except Toothless plushies don’t really exist yet, that I can see. Amazon has some, but they’re not really the movie version. Kinda sad.

We’ve got Pillow Pets at work, and I could probably get one at a discount, but I don’t think we have the panda one. I’m sort of obsessed with the panda for some reason. Lol!

So anyway. I need to figure out what to get people for Christmas.

But first, Thanksgiving!! We’re supposed to have some family here for the afternoon, but we’ll ahve to see what the weather decides to do… =\