Please go away, because…

I do not like you.

I do not enjoy driving in snow.

I do not enjoy my tires getting stuck every two seconds.

I do not enjoy feeling like my car is going to swerve and hit a light post or get stuck in a ditch.

I want to hang out with my friends tonight.

If I do not hang out with them tonight, I will not get to hang out with them until Christmas Break. This is too long to wait for me. And depending on the weather, that might not happen either.

I may get to see two of my besties on Sunday, but the other has to leave on Sunday, which means I will not see her. If I do not see her tonight, I will probably cry.

I wouldn’t mind them getting stuck here overnight, but they’re all determined to be home for Thanksgiving dinner.

So please, Snow. Go away, and come back on December 23rd so I can have a white Christmas instead of a white Thanksgiving. And so that I can hang out with my besties. And see family tomorrow.

Sincerely, Me.