Dear Snow,

You suck.

That is all.

Sincerely, Me.


Okay, maybe not all.

I need to rant.

My BFFS are not driving in for fear of accidents.

The roads are yucky, apparently.

I am not happy.

We haven’t been together the four of us since freaking AUGUST.

And that wasn’t even the greatest cirsumstances. We drove around in three different cars for an hour or more trying to find an access to a lake and then ended up at K’s house for like two hours because by the time we FOUND said access, it was too dark to swim. Dang work schedule…

So. I needed to rant a bit.

I’m talking to the one BFF via text trying to figure something out, but I don’t get to see H until CHRISTMAS! Because she has to fly back to school on Sunday. And we’re all busy the rest of the week. Erg. Scheduling sucks.

–End rant.

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, which means being thankful (and eating too much food). I’m thankful I HAVE these girls, even though we don’t get to spend as much time together as we’d like. I’m thankful that we’re all friends and that we have breaks that coincide so we can try to arrange times to get together. I’m thankful that they’re smart enough to decide they need to stay home instead of risking accident or injury tonight. I’m thankful that we have other times to connect, and that we have Facebook and texting.

There. I turned a negative into a positive.

Now I’m off to see if my parents need any help in the kitchen! Already helped peel potatoes; now those potatoes are being smashed. Maybe there’s something else I can help with…