So [yesterday] we hosted Thanksgiving, right?

And my mom and my aunt are talking, right?

And I’m listening in, right?

(Because I’m standing like two feet away.)

And so my mom and my aunt are talking about Thanksgiving, right?


And I hear something to the effect of “You know, the Pilgrims didn’t eat turkey.”

Okay, more like my aunt says “You know, there wasn’t turkey at the first Thanksgiving.”

And I’m like, “WHAT?”

And my mom’s like, “YEAH! I heard that on the radio!”

And my aunt’s like, “Yeah, they had lobster…”

And so today (right now…) I did a little Googling and found [this].

And then I found [this], which says that turkey wasn’t even around.

I’m confused. =\

Well, okay, they had duck and deer and probably seafood.

I guess that works for me.

Then again, the second website spells Plymouth like “P-L-I-M-O-U-T-H” which is different. Hmm…

I kinda prefer [Nat’l Geo’s Kids’ info]. 😉

And we’re not even gonna go to Wikipedia, ’cause their info (look it up; I’m not linking it) makes me sad.

But yeah.

When I heard “lobster” I felt like my whole life had been a lie.

Which is not cool.

Then again, I no longer believe in Santa Claus (though I like the story surrounding the idea of Santa Claus) or the Easter Bunny (rabbit +/or eggs = sign(s) of fertility) or the Tooth Fairy or some of those other things you believe until you’re around 10.

So… I suppose it was only a matter of time before I learned that Thanksgiving (the way Americans celebrate it) was a lie, too.

Plus Christians incorporate a lot of pagan symbols and stuff into our religion. [Christmas] being the 25th is the main one that pops into my head at this particular moment, but there are other pagan ideas in Christianity. It was a way of keep familiarity, I think. Or so my History prof tells me.


I’m way off topic, aren’t I?

I’ll shut up now. 🙂

OH! Criminal Minds marathon.

I’ve seen them all, but… it’s always nice to refresh the memory, yeah? =)

So. I’m gonna stop typing now… 😛