^ That’s the noise I make when I’m frustrated.

I went to school today.

My mom parked mine and my sister’s cars in the store lot across the street, so I had to trek over there before my journey to school.

At school, there were practically NO cars in the lot, which meant I got a spot relatively close to the door (thank God!).

Unfortunately, I parked on ice. And slipped on said ice getting out of my car. The kid in the car next to me looked over and was like, =O but I was fine. SUPER careful walking into the school…

And then I had class. We weren’t able to convince my Hist prof to give us extra points for braving the weather to get to class. 😦

And then I bought a 3-piece Reese’s cup thing. And ate two of them.

And then I had Comm, which was interesting, as usual.

And then I came home.

Driving was not pleasant.

This is what it looks like around here:

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Okay, not quite. ;p

More like this:

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 Really just a dusting. Not terrible.

OH! And we got our new carpet today.

We were supposed to get it yesterday, but they called us and said it would be today.

So they were here when I left and gone when I got back, and I walked in the house to find NEW CARPET!

We’re pretty happy. 🙂

Now we get to put all our furniture back…

On Thursday when we had family over, we made a couple of the guys help move a dresser and the couch (living room  + a bedroom got the same new carpet)… And now we get to put stuff back!

And I get to bake cookies for tomorrow night’s youth group caroling trip! 🙂 We were supposed to bake the cookies on Sunday night at Life Group, but we ended up cancelling LG because most of our girls were gone, according to my sister. So I’m baking them tonight. 🙂

I also have some homework to finish… Yay… =\