It’s all my own fault.

I haven’t been keeping up with my online class.

Don’t ask me why, I just haven’t been motivated.

I emailed someone yesterday about interviewing them for a project, and they called me to check on the due date, and after I finished talking to them, I checked the schedule better and realized it was ALREADY DUE. (Except the online dropbox says the submission deadline was in May??) BUT the notes on the “home page” basically tell me that it’s due next week, the final week of class. So hopefully… I’m emailing the prof right now, so hopefully I’ll get an answer and be able to turn in the paper!!!

I’m already pretty much failing the class. Currently I have like a C. The final (I don’t know the date–next week? Week after?) is worth 65 points.

Currently, this is where I stand:

Most of those zeroes are because I just completely forgot I had to take them and by the time I checked they were expired. Urgg.

And the “Participation” category probably won’t get much higher than about 50 out of 100 because… I haven’t particpated in very many of the discussions. The ones I have participated in I’ve said (typed) quite a bit, but…

When it’s all said and done, the total points for this class are going to be 363. Which means even if I ace the final (which will take a LOT of studying–though it’s only on three chapters) and get 50 of 100 Participation points, I’ll only have 225, which will translate to 62%, which is… not good. Although the syllabus says that it’s 370 points total, and 225 out of 370 is… even worse. Well, 61%. If his grading scale is the same as in high school, 60% is about a D. Which sucks, because I’ve never gotten anything lower than a B- in any class. Ever. But it’s my own stupid fault.

Okay, WAIT. With what I said about the Oral History paper, even if I ace that, get half credit for participation, and ace the final, that’ll still put me at only 274, which is about 74%. Which is basically what I have right now.

Yep, I emailed the prof. Hopefully he gets back to me soon to clear stuff up for me.

What’s weird is, my Stats prof talked about sending out academic alerts or whatever, telling people when they’re failing or whatever, but this prof? No emails. At all. Except for when eh forgot to give us an assignment.

So, in short, I’m failing my online class and it’s my own fault.

And I don’t think I can tell my parents. Although they will be alerted when we get my grades for the semester in … January, or whenever they send final grades out. Eeeeep. I don’t know what to do. I’m okay with the 60 or 70 percent (told the prof so) because it’s my own fault. But Mom and Dad aren’t going to be too happy…