Can you guess what I did tonight?

We went Christmas caroling!

The Junior High (and a few adults) went to one place, and the Senior High went to another.

We spent a little over an hour singing and talking and handing out cookies.

It was just what I needed after [feeling] [crappy] [recently], wouldn’t you say?

PLUS, tonight was a [Month For Others] event! Without even trying!

I’m going to try to do something nice for somebody every day, just like Tina. 🙂

I mean, I try to be nice and whatnot every day, but focusing on it for the month of December seems like a good idea to me!

Want a list of “random acts of kindness”?

You’re in luck!

I decided to make one up.

(Though some of these are on other people’s blogs tooooo. I’m not the first.)

  • Buy someone else coffee/lunch/something. [Drive-Thru Difference], perhaps?
  • Send a letter/email/text message to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Or call them.
  • Post an [Operation Beautiful] note! =)
  • Hug someone. December 13th is [National Hug A Stressed College Student Day]… 😉
  • Pay for someone else’s groceries.
  • Volunteer! Get involved with [Meals on Wheels], a local animal shelter, a local food shelf, a homeless shelter… Something!
  • Invite someone to church or out to eat.
  • Send a gift. Randomly. To a [soldier] or a [family] or an [elderly person] who might need cheering.
  • Cook for someone. This doesn’t just apply to the sick or grieving—other people appreciate home-cooking, too! Send it to a college kid or something. 😉
  • Say “Hello”. Be polite. I love when people hold doors for me, and I end up holding doors for others, too. Politeness is AWESOME.
  • Be available. Availability is MAJOR. I know there are times I feel like talking, but don’t feel interrupting someone’s day. Explicitly tell people that “Hey, if you need me, call!” or something.

There are plenty of other ideas out there. That’s just a list of 11. Google it. You’ll find something. 🙂

As for me, I’m going to try to remember to do something nice every day.

And you? Gonna take the Month For Others challenge? 🙂


Others SECOND.


Since December is the final month of the year and on the 31st (or thereabouts) we begin to [think about next year], have a photo! 🙂

I -heart-

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