I’ve been incredibly down lately.

Like, I’ve had time with friends (Sunday!) and stuff, but I’m still really… well, referring to the title of my two most recent posts, I’m “blargh.”

I’m tired, cranky, easily distracted, stressed, worried, disappointed (mostly in myself), and … in general, just icky.

And it’s not fun.

I’m really relating to Misty Edwards’ [“You Won’t Relent”] right now.

We had a musical group (actually, two…) who are based in our town (their director hangs out at our church a lot) come to church to lead music on Sunday. They sang YWR and … I don’t know. It’s just amazing.

God doesn’t give up on us, does He? He wants everything. As the guest speaker (another local) said Sunday, it takes commitment. If you’re gonna do something, don’t do it half-heartedly, right?

When God goes after us, He does it continually, whole-heartedly, without ceasing. He tries different tactics, speaks to us, pulls us back to Him with different techniques. Sometimes it’s something someone says, or something we read, or something we hear in a song, but always He’s working to bring us back.

You won’t relent until You have it all. My heart is Yours.

Come be the fire inside of me, come be the flame upon my heart, until You and I are one.

I had another point, but I’ve forgotten it.

I baked cookies last night. Five dozen. (I don’t think we doubled the recipe, either.) I’m bringing at least two (maybe three) dozen with me to church tonight to bring with us when we go caroling!!

But for now, it’s naptime! I’m super tired. I went to bed early last night, but I don’t think I fell asleep until about the same time as usual. Sad! It was like 10pm and I was falling asleep on the couch, so by 10:20-ish at the latest I was in bed! But I think it was probably 11:15 or 11:30 by the time I actually fell asleep. I hate that.

I know naps are supposedly like terrible for you, but I’m going to nap anyway. Because I’m tired and have a busy night ahead of me.

Oh, but first I have to email my partner… We didn’t technically have class, because the prof is gone, but two people came in to explain to us what’s up and all… And then my partner and I talked for a few minutes about who was gonna do what to finsih up the project and… Yeah, I have to email her quickly before I nap.