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LOL. A play off of [this].


My day started off not-so-great-ly by me waking up a half hour before my dentist appointment.

I use my phone as my alarm clock for the most part, and I guess I left it on Silent last night.


So I scurried around the house getting dressed and brushing my teeth and made it to the dentist like two minutes before my appointment was supposed to start. Phew!

So they got me in the chair and did the X-ray thing and the scraping plaque thing and the funky whirring toothbrush thing.

That was all fine.

And then the dentist (a man from church; two gals from church work for him) comes in and does his thing and informs me that I have the beginnings of decay. [Decalcification] between my teeth.

Ummm… yay?

So I need to floss more (-ahem- start flossing regularly) and use mouth wash before I go to bed. Awesome. That I can handle.

Then I get to school and my Hist classmates are in the hall (well, this lounge area) arguing about superiority of genders—whether or not men or women are “better.”

That was kinda funny, and we all walk into class at the same time right as the clock hits 12, basically, and the professor’s like “Oh, here they come! This must’ve been a staged entrance…” And I had to giggle, because we HAD talked about all walking in five minutes late just to see what he’d say. But we ended up all walking in about the same time anyway. And he was amused.

So that class went fine, basically the first positive in my day. We even got done about 10-15 minutes early! But my next class is in that same room, so I sat there.

And then came VComm, which went just fine, too. Awkward, intense discussion about stereotypes, but whatever. That’s part of what the class is about!

Anyway, VComm went fine.

Then I stood up.

That’s when it all went to pieces.

I had a little bit of an accident…

Thank God it happened at the end of class and there were very few people around to notice. Just me and the prof left in the room, and only a couple of people in the parking lot. I pretty much waddled to my car, kinda like one of these guys:


I ♥ penguins. 🙂

But I don’t like waddling like they do…

My dad just came home and I had to explain to him that my jeans are currently soaking in the bathroom sink.

“Thank God it’s only a 10 minute drive home from school” is all I can say. Sitting in screwy denim any longer than that would’ve driven me nuts, I think.

So that’s my not-so-great day for you.

On the bright side, I did another Month For Others RAoK!

Well, possibly two. If this first one counts.

  1. I stopped (in yucky jeans) to talk to a friend as I was leaving school. She was just getting there. We don’t talk much, so I figured I might as well find out what was up. Though technically I think she started the conversation…
  2. I [Love Bombed] the lovely Miss [Vee]! I mean, it was an organized thing and all, but … still. I could’ve chosen not to do it, right?

YAY! Two days of [Month For Others] down, 29 left! And probably more after that, but consecutively…