That is what I am.

Stuffed and relatively content.

I have to finish math homework before I go to bed, and put gas in my car before I go to school tomorrow, and I have a stomach ache from too much food tonight…

…but I am quite content with that.

I had a good morning at church, did most of my math homework this afternoon, wrapped Dad’s Christmas gift, and went to small group!

At small group, we ate pizza (I had like three and a half slices) and baked cookies!!

And tried to ignore the barking dog.

There were only two girls tonight, because two had a banquet, and two… just didn’t show up.

Having only four of us wasn’t so bad. It was actually kind of nice. Not as loud and crazy.

But I missed the other four!

I think the dog missed the loud two, too—-they play with her a lot. 🙂

We kinda just talked about life.

And ate too many cookies.

And it was great.

And now I need to finish homework and go to bed!