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So, I’ve had a crap couple of weeks.

And now [Caitlin] and [Tina], among others, have posted about being down.

Isn’t this just a lovely week?

Is negativity a contagious virus or something?

We talked about Bubonic Plague (AKA Black Death) in History today. That’s a disease spread by touch. I wonder how negativity is spread…?

IDK. But enough of negatives!


I might not have to take my History Final! If you have fewer than 2 absences (minus funerals or hospital visits), and an A average, you’re exempt from taking the final.

Problem is, Prof G hasn’t opened anything online for our class. So I can’t check that.

I’m pretty sure I’ve missed about ZERO classes, and I think I have at least a B, if not an A.

Plus he adds in point for participation or something.

I’ll have to ask him when I email him my paper.

I didn’t get to turn in my paper today because A) I didn’t even start it until last night and didn’t get very far, and B) our power went out this morning. It’s back now, but…


Even more positives?

I’m going shopping with my mom tonight! For Sis and J’s Christmas gifts. 🙂

I can actually watch Glee tonight! …That is, unless I watch NCIS instead. Ugh. They HAVE to play them at the same time, don’t they? But I watched two of the [sneak] [peeks] on YouTube. (That first one I actually found on [Meghann’s blog] this morning! 🙂 )

I watched interviews with Glee cast members on Ellen, etc, this morning. (That’s what I was doing instead of typing my paper…) And listened to them singing.

I also listened to Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are,” which someone shared on Facebook a month or two ago and [WAS ON] [GLEE]. (First link is YouTube, just the song; second is Hulu, full episode.)

So. There you have it.

Only a week of school left! Well, three days left of this week, and then finals next week. Still.

Babysitting Friday, wedding Saturday (potentially [VDT] after!), church Sunday (helping with breakfast)… and then finals and BREAK!

Today’s [Month For Others] Random Act of Kindness?

Well, nothing yet, really. Unless you count picking J up from school.

But that’s kinda not-random. So, we’ll find something else. 🙂