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Today’s [Month For Others] Random Act of Kindness?

[Bombing] the wonderful Miss [Trisha]!

Aside from that, today was business as usual.

Well, almost.

I had school, of course, but today was MY LAST DAY of History and Comm!! Tomorrow is my last day of Math.

I don’t have to take my hist final because of my grades and attendance. BOOYAH!

Remember this guy? 🙂

Ron Stoppable!

Lol. 🙂


I only have three finals, which is awesome!!

And tomorrow night I babysit, and Saturday is the WEDDING!!!!! I’m so excited.

Even though the only people I’ll KNOW at the wedding are the bride, her maid of honor (sister), and our youth group people.

But that’s okay! It’ll still be SUPER!

And after, if we get home in enough time, my Freshy friend H and I might go see NARNIA: VDT! Because the wedding’s at like 1pm, and so we’re thinking we MIGHT be home by 7. Which means we would have time to go see the movie!!! There’s a 7:30 showing here, which we might be able to make and I’m SO EXCITED.

(PS: Did you know they’re opening it at MIDNIGHT? So I guess my sis and friends won’t be going on opening day.)


So this weekend will be fun.

I’m planning on going shoe shopping after math tomorrow. Because I want some black flats, both for the wedding and for church and stuff.

Plus I guess it’s kind of a celebratory “I’M DONE WITH SCHOOL FOR THE YEAR” thing. Maybe. 😛

So. That’s my weekend. 🙂