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I really hate snow.

It was blowing a bit when I came home from babysitting last night, but somehow I still managed to get home in about 10-15 minutes. Which is awesome.

I woke up at 8:30 today and came upstairs to see SNOW.

A lot of snow.

My mom informed me that we are not going to the wedding.

I almost cried.

I was soooooo looking forward to this wedding!

It’s the first wedding I’ve been to in like five years.

My mom goes, “Don’t get married in the winter.”

And I go, “Not unless I move to Florida.”

And Mom goes, “There you go!”

And I go, “Yeah, if we move to Florida or California, I’ll get married in the winter.”


No more winter weddings, please. Especially if you live in the Midwest. You run the risk of getting a BLIZZARD on your wedding day, keeping your guests from attending. It may be beautiful where you are (like where this wedding is, where my sister already is), but where some of your guests are… it isn’t so pretty. I sent my sister a picture (via camera phone) of what it looks like here, telling her that it sucks. She hasn’t responded yet, but…

I guess I’m spending my day working on a final paper and just hangin’ around the house.

I haven’t even bothered to change clothes or anything—I’m still in my PJs.

OH! The babysitting last night went fine, other than the little one burning his hand on the oven. But he was okay after a few minutes of holding an ice pack. They actually went to bed for me this time, lol! We watched Batman and Mr. Freeze, ate pizza and peaches (those boys LOVE their peaches!), and watched the first half hour of Star Wars Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back). It was great. And then I sat around the living room for two hours trying to study. I failed. I cruised the internet on my phone instead—MLIA, FML, AverageWizard, stuff like that.

And prayed that the snow would go away so I could get to the wedding.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

OH! Yesterday’s [Month For Others] Random Act of Kindness was holding a door open for someone at school. 🙂

Today I don’t know what it’ll be, since I’m not planning on going anywhere… But maybe it’ll be something here at home, too. We’ll have to see.

I’m just hoping that the snow clears up by tomorrow so that we can go to church. And the childrens’ Christmas program. And the youth-sponsored lasagna dinner. And the “light show”.

Why do I live in the Midwest again? XD