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We’re not going to the light show. Our group leader is sick, so I came home after the Christmas program and lasagna dinner.

Program and dinner were good. I’m just bummed that I didn’t get to see pretty lights. But I’m pretty sure they have the light show every night, or at least every weekend, until at least Christmas. So we’ll go another night.

Oh! Um, [Month For Others] Random Acts of Kindness for the weekend!

Last night’s RAoK was not done by me, technically, but my mother. We were pulling out of our driveway to go do a little last-minute shopping and rent a movie and this gal got stuck in the snow at the end of our street. Our street is just off of “Main” street, perpendicular (like a +) and she got stuck turning off “Main street” onto our street. So my mom parked the car and got out to help push her out of the snow.

Today… I really didn’t do anything. I went to church, put money in the offering, sang, listened to the sermon (took notes, too! Because it’s a compulsion. I take notes almost all the time.), sang some more, came home and ate and hung out on the internet, then went to church for the program (during which I had an entire pew to myself!) and food. There really were no RAoKs today. I was planning on donating money to the light show (all of the free-will donations go to the Salvation Army), but … that didn’t happen. And of course I found out we weren’t going AFTER I’d eaten all my food. I could’ve put a few dollars (okay, a 10 or a 20, ’cause they were all I had on me) in the donation bucket for the youth dinner thing, but I didn’t. Don’t ask why; I’m not sure.

So. I’ll do two or three tomorrow, maybe.

In the meantime, all I have to do is study for finals (ewwwww) and get up early to drive my mom to work tomorrow.

I’d go to the evening showing of Narnia: VDT, but I don’t really feel like going anywhere now. I think I’ll stay home and watch TV or something. It’s Weddign Sunday on A&E or whatever that channel is.

OH! Speaking of weddings. My sister and YP said yesterday’s wedding was good, but it was over in a half hour and the reception wasn’t until like three hours later. ICK!! Okay, LV, I love you and all, but seriously? Making your guests wait three hours for a reception is just sad. But I got my fill of weddings anyway, ’cause I found videos online from [Shade Tree Films] of couples getting married. My favorite is [the Kidds’] wedding vid. So sweet! That is totally how I want my story to be.

My sister texts me back: Good. I wanna get married:(

And I go: Just don’t get married in the winter. Unless you’re in Florida or something. 🙂

Because that’s what Mom and I decided yesterday morning: only way I’m getting married in October through March/April is if I’m somewhere WARM. Like Cali or FL or something. Maybe I’ll have to [get married at Disney]… 😉

Hahahahaha. We’ll see. Gotta find myself a boy first, I suppose. 😛

So there we go. Now I’m off to check emails, watch TV, and perhaps study for tomorrow’s Stats final!