As off tonight, I am officially DONE shopping for Christmas gifts!

I just have to wrap this last gift (which I’ll probably do later tonight or sometime tomorrow) and I’ll be good!

Like I’ve already mentioned, I’m excited for Christmas!!

I’m not, however, excited about the lack of planning people I know exhibit.

(Is “exhibit” the right word there? I wasn’t sure how to word it.)

To explain, my sister is annoyed that they were only told this week to get a present for YP when our Christmas party is tomorrow night.

And yet she doesn’t plan ahead in any other area of her life. It’s always, “OH, by the way, tonight I’m (whatever).”

And now she’s complaining that she only has a day to find a gift?

Mom and I wanted to be like, “REALLY? Now you know I feel ALL. The. TIME.”

I plan ahead AT LEAST a few days in advance, if not a week or more. Thanksgiving break, when I was hoping to get together with the girls, I Facebook messaged them a few days before it worked to get together. It wasn’t a, “Oh, hey, are you guys free tonight; let’s hang out!” It was “When can we all get together?” (And then the [weather] [ruined] [our plans]…)


We were a little ticked off tonight.

And then we were emailed about Youth Group stuff, and Mom wasn’t thrilled with timing and… yeah.

So. Kind of a frustrating evening.


When my dad and I went out shopping, we parked in a spot where several carts had been left.

And there was a cart “corral” THREE SPACES OVER, and people can’t be bothered to walk over there????

And of course the carts were in front of my door, so Dad moved them. And the guy who pushes the carts inside was right there, so Dad gave him the carts.

It bothers me when people don’t put stuff back where it came from. Like at work, I have to put shirts and stuff back in the proper size area of the racks. You know?

These are your friend.

(Click photo for source.)


Last week, when my mom and I went shopping, we tried to put stuff back for the most part if it didn’t work. Because I know how annoying it is to have put stuff back.

Basically, plan ahead. And put stuff back where it belongs.