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I’m sooooo looking forward to Thursday afternoon. Specifically, about 1:30, when I should be finished with my VComm final!

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After Thursday, I’ll be done with this semester! Done with school for 2010! Yaaaaaaay!! đŸ™‚

So, starting Thursday at about 1 or 2 pm, I’ll be on Christmas Break!!

Friday night I’ll work for a few hours, and then Saturday I’m “babysitting” pretty much all day. Early afternoon, I’ll meet up with YP and the JH kids (and maybe a few high schoolers, including my sister, potentially) at church and head to campus (yes, we’re going to my school!) for sledding and cocoa and stuff. After that, we’ll go back to church, where I’ll probably hang out and help set up for the Christmas party our church is hosting, at which I get to be in the nursery.

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I’m kind of excited. đŸ™‚

I’m also quite excited for Christmas.

We got Grandpa’s gifts already, I guess. I didn’t realize it until today, when I noticed a few extra presents under the tree.

Which made me kinda sad, because I wanted to go through the box and figure out which gifts were mine.

But at least we got the box.

Now to wait for my aunt’s gifts!

And get something for Mom…

So. Yeah. Glad that I don’t have anything to do today. When Dad ges home, I might have him come with me to check out one of the things on Mom’s list…

Eleven days until Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! =D