While my sister and J and all the rest of the kids in our area sleep in and don’t have to go to school, guess what I get to do?

Take my last final!

Uhhhh… yeah. If the roads and weather are bad enough that they’ve decided to close the K-12 schools, shouldn’t the college close too??

Ack. Stupid college.

But at least I get to start my month-long Christmas break this afternoon! 😀

Sooooo, guess what I found on Facebook this morning?


My BBF K’s boyfriend is such a sweetie! =)


Last night at church we did our Christmas party.

We watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas and did a ten-point quiz. I got nine of ten, which got me candy. That I don’t really need.

Click photo for source!

Then we played Minute to Win It: Holiday Edition!

I -heart- Guy Fieri. 🙂

(Click photo for source!)

And after that we did a White Elephant gift exchange. Everyone brings something (usually something stupid that’s been laying around their house that they don’t need) and we take turns opening. if you want to, when it’s your turn, you can steal a previously-opened gift. Once that gift has been stolen twice, it’s frozen (locked) and can’t be stolen again. Whatever you end up with, you bring home. You can bring back again the next year, but you have to take it home with you. Although I did get to trade my gift in for something that was on the table at the end of the night, because I ended up with batteries. That probably didn’t work. So I snagged Pirates of the Caribbean tattoos instead! Figured K might enjoy them. 😉

It was fun.

And YP gave each of the leaders a card and a caribeaner clip. Everybody else got a beaner clip, too, but leaders got them first. It was cool. 😀