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Hahaha, not really.

But I did get quite a bunch of money back for my textbooks! I was disappointed to hear that they couldn’t take one book back (it was an old edition—boo!), but I dumped it in the “recycle” box. (Our school is doing that Donate Books for Africa thing, or whatever it’s called.)

So I came home with a bunch more money! =) 

I love book buy-back time. 🙂

I really want chocolate.

My sister bought a “Pot of Gold” a few days ago and shared. Now there are only two pieces left, and I don’t want to eat either of them because I’ll feel like I’m stealing or something.

No, I’m not not-eating them because I’m afraid I’ll gain too much weight. At least not a conscious level. That might be a subconscious reason, but we’ll say it isn’t. I just don’t want to look greedy.

Maybe I’ll have to buy myself some chocolate at work tomorrow night. Because there’s almost NO chocolate in our house, and it makes me sad. 😦

So anyway.

I had to borrow my sister’s car to get to school today.

This is the first time I can actually say “Thank God the high school was closed and college wasn’t!”

My car got stuck when I tried to back out, and then I tried to pull forward and got stuck-er (more stuck, lol!).

And I had to leave for school like RIGHT NOW or I’d be late for my final.

So I rushed back inside and was like, “Can I just take Sis’s car???”

And she said yes and I asked where her keys were and found them and was off!

I got to school in time, let a kid borrow my phone to text his roommate (I didn’t read the message; that would feel like eavesdropping), took the final IN HALF AN HOUR (as usual), and returned my books and came home.

All in all, spent about an hour at school.


OH! I took a picture with my phone of all the snow on campus and sent it to YP. Because campus is where we’re sledding on Saturday with the JH kids. I’m kind of excited! I haven’t been sledding in forever. I usually get sick of it within the first two minutes (okay, maybe ten), but Saturday I’m going to make an effort to be enthusiastic. If nothing else, I can laugh at YP and the childrens. And take pictures. 🙂

Speaking of pictures…

I should’ve taken one of all the snow on top of my car when I went to scrape. I swear there was like a FOOT of snow on top of my car. Rather similar to this:

That's a LOT of snow...

(Click photo for source.)

Okay, not THAT bad… More like this:

And that's AFTER scraping...

(Click for source.)

It was kind of a lot. So. I borrowed my sister’s car. 🙂

Now I’m officially on CHRISTMAS BREAK! =D