The ONLY thing I DON’T like about Christmastime?

The cold.

For real, it was FREEZING today.

I went sledding with the JH (five of them) and my phalanges (er, fingers. And toes.) were FROZEN. Even with two pairs of socks and two pairs of mittens. 😦

But aside from the cold (and the snow and getting stuck in said snow, which come with the cold), Christmastime is pretty amazing.

This evening was no exception.

I spent my evening (after sledding) hanging out with five other females and up to 12 children at a time.

We hosted a Christmas party at church and … yeah. It was great.

Only part I didn’t enjoy was getting kicked by one little boy, but hey. It happens. I was trying to hold him back from punching people (er, we were watching Kung Fu Panda. And he’s a boy.) and he kicked me. Repeatedly. In the shins. SO they’ll probably be bruised in the morning. But that’s all right.

It was fun. 🙂

And now I’m watching Triple D.

Triple D!!

I like this show. And this Guy. 😛

Soyeah. Enjoying my evening.

I’m sure my legs will be super-sore tomorrow, but it was worth it.

I had fun sledding—though I only went down thrice (and yes, that’s a word. Also a band, I think.), but the one time I had to lug a tobogan (er, I fail at spelling) up by myself. Stupid thing was heavy. And we walked up hills without goign down on sleds, too. So. It was a work-out.

I definitely got my exercise (not to mention my child-quota) in for the day! =)