I just realized I’ve been too lazy to blog lately. Uhm. Sorry?

I got stuck in the snow last night while out for work. Wasn’t cool. Had to call my boss at home to come shovel me out because nobody else would answer the phone. And soon after he got there, a guy with a truck pulled me out. And then when my parents finally showed up, my dad took my car home and my mom drove me around for the rest of the night.

So, that was an interesting night.

Also, on Saturday at church while helping babysit, I got kicked repeatedly by a seven-year-old. And now have bruises.

And I got to hang out with two best friends on Sunday.

But now I need to bloggggg!

And this is what you get.

I love survey things.

Especially those I find on the internet.

So when I saw that [Tina] had done an [ABCs post] I decided ‘Why not?’ 🙂

I’ve done something similar to this on Facebook, but I decided I wanted to do one here.

So. Here goes!

BTW, some of these may be slightly negative. It’s only because I’m being honest and acknowledging my flaws.

A is for Author. (Kind of. Maybe. Eventually. I hope. Actually, at my grad party, someone wrote “Someday we will own your books!” on my sing-in sheet thing. It made me smile. :D)

B is for Blogger. (This is post #17o-or-180-something, btw.)

C is for Clive’s Chronicles Connoissseur. (Oooooh, TRIPLE POINTS! BOOYAH!)

Clive Staples Lewis. Picnik-ified!

This is not what my set looks like...

D is for Daughter. (Obviously.)

E is for Exceptional. (Because I like to toot my own horn. :P)

F is for Facebook-addict!

Yes, I'm addicted.

G is for Grammar Monster. (I like grammar. And may or may not correct people’s grammar. With or without their permission.)

H is for Helpful. (Most of the time.)

I is for Ironic. (A lot. Irony is kind of my life.)

J is for Jealous. (C’mon, we’re being honest here! Of several people. For several reasons. But I try not to dwell on it.)

K is for Kind. (I try to be, anyway.)

L is for Loser. (See [this] for that reference.)

M is for Miracle. (For real. Check out [this post] and [this one] for that story.)

N is for Nerdfighter. (If you don’t know what a Nerdfighter is, check out the [VlogBrothers]. Whom I discovered last Thursday and have been watching on and off ever since. In fact, I’ve watched so many VB videos that the voice in my head IS the Green brothers.)

O is for OCD. (Kind of. I’m picky. Not “I have to do this this many times or else something bad will happen.” But particular.)

P is for Pretty. (Yes, I called myself pretty. I was actually called beautiful at church Saturday. By a guy who likes to remind me of how tiny I was when I was born.)

Q is for Quirky! (I heart quirkiness!)

R is for Reader. (I like my books. Unfortunately, I have not read as much this year as in past years…)

S is for Sarcastic. (Yes, I like me some sarcasm. :))

T is for Teenager. (Until March, anyway.)

U is for Understanding. (Stole from Tina, but I can’t think of any other good U words.)

V is for Virtuous. (Because I didn’t want to steal Veracious from Tina. And because it kinda fits.)

W is for Writer. (Similar to Author, but different word!!)

X is for Xenolith. (Which is “a fragment of rock embedded inside another rock.” I thought it was cool. And I’m a part of a community. Think about it. ;))

Y is for Young. (I stole that one from Tina, but I am! I’m the youngest leader at church…)

Z is for Zany! (Yes, this is a word. Kind of like quirky, but I think slightly different.)