I cried tonight.

A little, anyway.

A few tears.

Shaky voice.

Yes, I was talking.

Praying, actually.

For our girls.

We merged small groups tonight, had a good discussion.

About worry, doubt, fear, stuff like that.

It was awesome.

We talked about beauty, in conjuction with fear.

“Momma” asked me to pray, and while praying, I cried.

It was really not that bad.

The tears meant I was convicted by what I was saying, is how I figure it.

So I’m proud of myself for crying.

I prayed that God would constantly remind the girls that they are beautiful, talented, and capable of doing anything they want to do.

And it made me cry.

And now I’m home eating peppers (not whole peppers…) while watching Food Network. Because I’m awesome like that. 🙂