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Even though it’s almost over.

I have some good news tonight!!

ONE: I got my official acceptance letter/packet from BU today!

My dad yells at me from upstairs, and I race to the stairs to see what he wants, and he’s holding a packet that says something about “acceptance information.”


Within five minutes of opening the packet, I’d updated my Facebook stauts to this:


I especially like the last one, about blessings. What a sweet lady!

TWO: I got a Christmas gift from the worship pastor. For being part of the team. It’s a sweet pullover with awesome embroidery. Mine was a size too big, BD realized while looking at me, so he’s going to get a smaller one. I mean, a little big is fine, but I was kinda swimmin’ in it, so… a smaller one might be a good idea.

THREE: After the Christmas gift, I listened to some of Sunday’s songs. My BFF K showed up to practice with the band, ’cause she’s playing pennywhistle for the one song. I stayed to listen because I’m missing the service for family stuff.

FOUR: After K practiced, we talked about stuff. It was fun.

FIVE: I found out today that our former youth pastor is going to be at BFF L’s house on Monday, and hopefully I can make it out there for a half hour before I have to help at a wedding.

SIX: After said wedding, BFFs L, K, H, and I are getting together at YP’s house with K’s boyf J. I’m. SO. EXCITED! J is hangin’ with K for like most of the day, so he’ll get to meet BOTH youth pastors. He’ll have to brace himself for questions. 😉 Plus those from L and H—L will meet him at her house, and H and YP will meet him later. I, of course, have already met him. But still. I’m excited for the rest of them to meet him! And for us to catch up and stuff.

Uhmm… I think that’s about it. But I’m so happy!

Ohhhhh, SEVEN: I watched the last half hour or so of Prince Caspian with my parents when I got home.

I -heart- Narnia.

Google is my buddy.

And now I’m watching Criminal Minds.

Tomorrow I work 5.5 hours (full-timers need tomorrow off since Sat is a holiday), then will be heading to church for a couple of hours, then home for supper and stuff, and then it’s CHRISTMAS! I’m so excited. 😀

And you? Excited for Christmas? 🙂