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It’s after 5 pm here, but it’s still Christmas day!

We woke up around… 8ish? to the flash of my mother’s camera.

The three of us girls slept in the living room last night, and of course I woke up at 3 am and laid awake for who knows how long.

So I’ve been a little sleepy all day.

BUT! We’ve been having fun.

Mom got the toaster she wanted. 🙂

I ended up with a bunch of money (thank you, Grandpa!), More Beautiful You: A Study in True Beauty, Jake’s Choice, and iTrip, a Sticky Pad, AKA iGrip, TGU: The Hope That Lies in You, Glee Showstoppers (V3) & Season 1, Vol 2, plenty of chocolate (always in the stocking), new earbuds, and an album composed by a kid who lives in our area. Ohwait, I think I’m missing one item. Uhm… Oh well. It was an awesome Christmas.

J made dinner (lunch?), which was pretty good. Realllllllly filling. We’re not even really eating supper tonight.

Grandma came in for a few hours (well, we drove her), and we talked to the Cali relatives via Skype, and now we’re kind of just chilling. I’m listening to my new music. I read Jake’s Choice (PS: read To Save A Life first!) and was all I can say is, Jim and Rachel had better write at least one more book in the series… 🙂

Soyeah. That was my Christmas.

I think I need to go to bed early tonight (ohcrap, must clean room!), since we’re leaving semi-early tomorrow morning for even MORE food, family, and fun! Over 40 of us in one house? YIKES! Fifteen of those 42-ish of us are under the age of 13—oldest is around 10-11 and the youngest two are about 7 months. I’m so excited to spend time with EVERYBODY (plus two or three extras!) this year. Normally a few can’t make it because of timing, but this year we’re doing it on a weekend when everyone can be there. Granted, one has to leave early, and at least two (if not the whole family of 5) will be late, but still! I’m stoked. 🙂

I’m going to need a break from people for a few days after this weekend, I think. But I won’t get it, because Monday I’m with a bunch of older people (wedding) and college kids, and Tues-Wed-Thurs I work. I’ll probably hang out at home Friday. I haven’t done much for New Year’s the last couple years, and that’s okay. Maybe I’ll rent a movie and hole up in my corner or something..

For now, gotta prep myself for 41 other people tomorrow! =)